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Send text messages using IE 8 Accelerators

Tired of cutting and pasting information from another website into txt2day? Now there's a better way with the "Text Message with txt2day Accelerator!" Now you can simply select some text and then click on the blue Accelerators icon. For example, you may want to text a friend directions to the location of a pizza place featured on a webpage. In the past, you would need to copy the address from the webpage, navigate to txt2day, and paste in the address. With the "Text Message via txt2day" using IE 8+ Accelerator, you can automatically place the text into the txt2day website message box! Accuracy with ease!.

Now you can visit our SMS flirts and jokes site and simply highlight and right click to use the Text Message via txt2day" using IE 8+ Accelerator. Send the latest news headline, twitter or facebook status update or a great nugget from wikipedia. Just highlight the text, right click and send the text using txt2day! No more typing! Send text today!

Install our new acelerator now!

Text Message via txt2day requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ to function.

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