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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Cost?

There is absolutely no cost to send a message, and receiving a message is free as long as the recipient's cell phone plan includes text messages and they aren't over their limit. Otherwise, the message is charged the same as if you sent them a regular text message from your phone.

Can You Tell Me Who Sent My Message?

We're sorry, but unfortunately we can't. This site does not require users to register, so we really don't have an accurate way to know who sent the message. It's just like making a phone call and using *67, or sending a letter in the mail with no return address. All information available to us is sent with the text message itself.

I got a nasty message, I'm going to sue you.

Hey, that's not a question... but please don't sue us. Remember that we didn't send you the message, somebody else did. Unfortunately we don't have a way to identify that person at this time. It's just like sending a letter in the mail with no return address. The best thing you can do in this case is to simply block your number and ask people you know if they sent it. We don't share your number with anybody, so the message most likely came from somebody who already had your number.

How does Blocking My Number stop messages from this site?

If you would prefer not to receive messages from anyone using this site, blocking your number will add your cell number to a Do Not Text list. Visitors that attempt to send you a text using our site will be prevented doing so. Clink the following link to block your number.

Are You Spamming Me? I'm Getting Spam

No, we're not! We don't send out any messages or sell your information to anybody. It's possible though that somebody else might be using one of our sites to send out spam messages. We take all precautions to prevent automated systems from sending out messages, but sometimes they slip through. If you're recieving spam please use the contact form and send us your phone number, and the message so we can make it stop.

Who Is apache@txt2day.com

Visitor messages are sent using our mail server using a default email address. We can assure you that noone at txt2day is sending these messages. It is a tag placed on messages sent by visitors that do not include a return address.

My Question Isn't Listed Above

Go ahead and fill out the contact form and we'll try to get back to you ASAP.

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